Holistic Health:

...a whole lifestyle...!

Holistic health encompasses at least four aspects of human existence: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I say, "at least" four aspects, because those are the aspects that we are able to identify. There may be other levels of existence that our educated, thinking mind is unable to grasp and reduce to definable terms.

A lot of what I'll be presenting in this section of the website will deal with the undefinable and the etheric--those intangible expressions of ourselves that the educated brain has yet to discover. Even though we may not be able to wrap our intellect around them, we can access them. Because we do exist at those levels. In other words, you're going to find a lot of good "woo woo" stuff here. (No one can accuse me of shying away from woo woo. As I'm fond of saying, "Woo woo works!")

It's not all woo woo, though. A lot of lifestyle factors are solidly in the concrete realm.

Here is a sampling of the topics that you'll find in this section. Keep coming back as I plan to add more and more...and more and more...

The benefits of meditation

Do "germs" cause disease?

Simplify to empower

Affirmations and intention
~"Do affirmations work or are they just a waste of my time?"
~How to create and use effective affirmations
~The most important affirmation

The biggest obstacle to living your most vibrant life: excuses!

Want healthy kids? Let 'em get dirty!

Feng shui and your health

Plenty of articles that challenge the dogma of conventional medicine and alternative medicine.

Aging is not a disease


The beauty and power of gratitude in healing

And...who knows?...every now and then, I might even throw in an article about sex and holistic health.

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