"Turn Your Health Inside Out!"
Dr. Mark's Holistic Health Philosophy

"Holistic health" means that health and well-being come only from within. You cannot add them to your life. You can only reveal them. The good news: You (yes, you) are already vibrantly healthy.

Since health comes only from within, the key to holistic health is to turn your health inside out.

There are two elements to turning health inside out:

1. Developing a self-affirming holistic mindset.
2. Living a self-nurturing and enlivening holistic lifestyle

Although both of these elements are critical the most important of these two elements is your mindset.

"But Dr. Mark," you may be thinking, "What do you mean health and well-being come only from within? Isn't it important to eat healthy food? Food comes from the outside."

Great question! It leads us right into the discussion of mindset.

There are two different mindsets that come into play when you are making health decisions. Those mindsets are:

1. Intervention (not holistic)
2. Life expression (holistic)

In other words, if you are "going on a diet" because you want to lose weight, or if you're eating a lot of a certain type of food because you heard it prevents cancer or helps lower your blood pressure, then you are coming from a disease avoidance mindset rather than one of turning health inside out.

On the other hand, if you're chowing down on fresh, whole organic foods because they're delicious and you know that those are the foods that Nature provided for you to thrive, and you feel more alive when you eat that way, that's a holistic way of thinking.

We can use the same thought process when it comes to things like yoga, massage, chiropractic, fitness training and anything else you do for your health. If employ them as weapons to fight, prevent or solve a problem, that's intervention. If you enjoy them because you know they help bring forth the vibrant health that's already humming away inside of you, regardless of whether or not you have any problems, that's a holistic mindset.

In short, you're making an important choice:
a choice between fighting and thriving!

My intention here is not to lay a set of rules on you but to help you begin to develop your holistic health mindset. Your mindset is the very foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

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