Holistic Health:
"Turn Your Health Inside Out...!"

Thanks for visiting Dr. Mark's Holistic Health website!

Here's my bottom line message to you, right up front:

Turn your health inside out!


Here's my story in a nutshell: I have felt the grief and the crushing loss of self worth that come with losing a rewarding career because of my own poor health. For years, I fought crippling arthritis pain, along with the anger, fear and hopelessness that anyone who suffers from chronic disease knows all too well. When finally I decided to stop fighting and start thriving, I was able to transform my health and become a triathlete and marathon runner.

People often ask, "How did you do that?" Well, let me tell you...

After I spent years fighting my disease, I realized that my disease was me and I was only fighting myself. So I stopped fighting. I decided that if I was going to heal, my healing was only going to come from the inside of me. When I say that I stopped fighting, that doesn’t mean I gave up. I just shifted from an external focus to an inner one. In other words:

I turned my health inside out!


The fact that you found DrMarks-Holistic-Health.com tells me a little bit about you:

    You are in the prime of your life, yet…

    You’re not living life to the fullest because you have a health challenge that’s limiting you.

    You’re seeking a holistic solution to your challenge.

    Or, you may already be in good health but you want to learn how to live more of a holistic lifestyle.

    Quite likely, you have experienced frustration with conventional medicine and don’t have a high degree of trust in it.

    You are also frustrated with the insane complexity that's all over the world of health, and healthcare.

    You care – really care – about your overall health. You want to go beyond just treating your symptoms and enjoy vibrant health for years to come.


Here's what you will gain from this website:

    How to develop and fully embrace a holistic health mindset

    The knowledge to cut through the confusing, complex and often contradictory dietary information that’s out there, and how to adopt a truly holistic way of eating

    How to engage in physical activity in a way that enlivens you and brings you joy

    Many ways to design your holistic lifestyle

    How to find your all-important spiritual path (if you haven’t already found one), that’s relevant to you on your holistic healing journey

    Answers to the many questions you probably have about holistic health

    And a lot more…!


DrMarks-Holistic-Health is still young; and in the coming days, weeks, months, and beyond, I plan to add a lot of great content on holistic health, healing, lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, children's wellness, news and other topics to help you turn your health inside out.

Please come back often.


Dr. Mark

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