Of the many important experts we call upon for help, The Doctor Within plays the most central and crucial role in our health and well-being. In other words:

Healing, health and wellness come from within.

Some will argue that, in this era of modern medicine, life expectancy is higher today than in prehistoric times. True, but public health improvements such as modern plumbing, efficient waste disposal, safer living conditions and a more reliable food supply have been far more significant than medicine in helping us to enjoy longer, healthier lives.

As with any other doctor, we can work in synergy with our Doctor Within, or we can sabotage the good doctor’s work.  Many of our modern stressors such as processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, constant exposure to toxins (including medications), can get in the way of the Doctor Within. 

In prehistoric times, food was organic, people were physically active throughout their lives, and toxic man-made chemicals did not exist. The Doctor Within worked under optimum conditions.

How to turn your health inside out:
Allow the Doctor Within to take the lead.

This amazing doctor knows more about your body, and more about healing than any other doctor. Your Doctor Within communicates with all parts of your body via your nervous system – your brain, your spinal cord and the nerves that branch out to every part of your body. Your nervous system is a wondrous “Innernet” that coordinates all of your physiological, mental and emotional functioning, including healing. A free flow of communication throughout your body is essential for life, healing and well-being.

Physical injuries and other life stresses can create misalignments (areas of decreased functioning) in your spine, pelvis and cranium that can interfere with the free flow of information within your nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments restore structural alignment and neurological communication, and help transform your process of decline into a process of deep healing. This holds true for everyone whether a newborn infant, a pregnant mother, an elite athlete or a grandparent. In addition to symptom relief, you may experience improvements in other areas of your life – physical, emotional and mental. In some people, these changes are rapid and dramatic. In others, they may be slower and more subtle. Yet everyone benefits from having a properly aligned spine, pelvis and cranium, and clear communication pathways throughout the body.

Holistic chiropractic, as practiced by Dr. Mark, is focused on facilitating your unique healing process rather than “treating symptoms,” “fixing problems” or “fighting disease.”  Our shared objective is simple: to adjust your spine, cranium and pelvis to help clear the way for your Doctor Within to facilitate your own, innate healing potential.

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TEDx Spokane, March 16, 2013