Holistic Health and Fitness

Fitness is one of the most critical cornerstones of a
robust holistic health lifestyle!

This page will sustain you with a steady stream of holistic fitness information including tips and ideas for how to incorporate holistic fitness into your life. You are sure to enjoy and benefit from this page whether you are a kid (of any age), a grandparent, an active athlete, a weekend wanderer or just want to kick your couch habit once and for all.

Please come back and visit often as I add more and more content on holistic fitness including:

My guidelines for incorporating holistic fitness into your life

"Should I consult my physician?"

The importance of fun and play in fitness

The benefits of a holistic approach fitness (that you may not have thought of...)

A holistic approach to running, walking, hiking, swimming and other exercise

Target heart rate, cardio zone and fat burn zone:
What are they and how do you figure yours out?
(And are they really all that important in the first place?)

Fun and frolic in the great outdoors

The perfect fitness footwear
(It doesn't wear out. It gets stronger and better the more you use it. Seriously!)

Your core

Fun fitness for families and couples

"Help! I've been stuck on the couch for a really really long time. I want to get off and get moving but I'm not sure how..."

"Help! My (spouse)(kid)(parent)(friend) has been lounging on the couch for a really really long time. I want to coax them off and get them moving but they don't seem to want to change. What can I do...?"

Reader tips for incorporating fitness into your holistic health lifestyle

And LOTS more!

In the meantime, let me offer a couple of important guidelines:

Step away from the screen and go out and play.
(And NOT on another screen!)

Most important of all: Have fun!

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