Holistic Health and Nutrition

There are many aspects to holistic health and all of them are vital. That said, if I had to choose the single most important ingredient for living a vibrant life, I would have to choose nutrition. (But remember, good nutrition can only be most effective in concert with fitness, a positive and empowering mindset and an enlivened spirit as part of a synergistic approach to wholeness, health, healing and well-being.)

There's lots to learn about how nutrition fits into a holistic lifestyle. But the basic guiding principle is really pretty simple:

Foods that are closest to Nature's brilliant design (whole, raw, organic, local) are the most holistic.

Please come back and visit this page often. I plan to continue to add numerous new nurturing nutritional nuggets on such subjects as:

What holistic nutrition is...and what it is not

Organic foods: why they are important and how to find them

Affordable organic

How to decipher labels, and how to identify those designed to mislead you

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs):
What they are, why they harm your health (and the health of our planet), and how to avoid them

The real scoop on fats and cholesterol

Raw foods

The health benefits and safety of whole, raw dairy products

What they are, why they are important and how to make your own

"What the heck is a locavore!?"

Reader tips on how to save money on holistic nutrition

Holistic recipes (Some of my favorites, and readers' favorites, too!

And LOTS more...!

In the meantime, ask yourself:

What was your last meal or snack (or what are you you eating right now)?

Was it made by Nature...or in a factory...?

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