Chiropractic Testimonials

Dr. Mark William Cochran
Holistic Chiropractor
Sandpoint and Hayden, Idaho

Dr. Mark's treatments are gentle, attentive, and effective. In the past I have often left a chiropractor who uses a more typical "snap crackle pop" method of adjustment with a headache or pain where major adjustments occurred. I always leave Dr. Mark's feeling better than when I arrived. Sometimes it takes a little while for all the good effects to manifest, but they always do. I appreciate Dr. Mark's philosophy about health and healing and the care he shows each individual patient. Thank you, Dr. Mark for setting a noteworthy example of what Chiropractic can and should be.
~Sheena Smith


I started seeing Dr. Mark in the summer of 2008. I had multiple back problems and was seeing him 2-3 times a week. My back gradually began to feel better. I dropped down to seeing him once a week, and now I go once a month, for a "tune up".  I always feel better after a treatment, and am so grateful for his help. I feel that he has become a friend, as well as my chiropractor!
~Sandra O'Brien


I started seeing Dr. Mark Cochran for treatment while I was going through physical therapy for a back injury.  His gentle, subtle techniques proved to be amazingly effective. Dr. Cochran began treating my wife as well. She had endured three surgeries for sciatica and suffers from chronic pain.  This was over ten years ago and we both believe our lives have been greatly enhanced by the treatment we continue to receive. Dr. Cochran has proven to be a gifted healer as well as a sensitive and caring person.  Our experience has shown him to be an honorable man whose  conduct has been above reproach.  We highly recommend him.
~Michael and Laverna Elwell


As a professional helicopter pilot in the emergency medical service field, I make regular visits to Dr. Mark an integral part of my health and wellness routine. I have been visiting Dr. Mark for around three years now. Without the help of his chiropractic care I believe my life would be more limited due to rib, neck, and spinal issues I was experiencing. Being in my mid 20's, I knew I had to do something about it. Dr. Mark’s chiropractic care was apparently the answer I was looking for! Visiting the office is a nice break from a chaotic day. It's not only healing and preventative, but it’s a chance to take time for yourself, just breathe and visit a friendly smile.
~Sarah Murphy


I first visited Mark when I fractured my collarbone last year and after the first visit there was noticeably less pain. I made it a discipline to see mark once a month to ensure my body is at it's peak performance and health.
~Jason Harris


Dr. Mark's gentle chiropractic care has been a beneficial adjunct in keeping our body energy balanced and optimal.  We highly recommend regular visits to Dr. Mark as part of your health care.
~Dwight Dansereau and Christine Lovejoy


We tell our friends and family members about Dr. Mark and his chiropractic services whenever we can. His holistic approach is very appreciated and makes sense. His chiropractic approach is one that should comfort you if you're nervous or new to the process, and make you totally excited if you've been in a chiropractor's office before. His adjustments are subtle and very effective, no wrenching and very little "cracking." From your overall alignment to even organ and extremity adjustments, he can improve your life and he cares about your health. We recommend him highly and would encourage you to trust him in your journey in health.
~Mack and Colby D.


Chiropractic rules!
~Danielle, age 9

Office locations

In Sandpoint:
Selkirk Professional Building
101 N. 4th Avenue, Ste 105 (corner of 4th and Pine)

In Hayden:
Integrative Wellness Center
579 W. Hayden Avenue

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