My Values as a
Holistic Health Doctor...

(...which are the same as my values in life.)

These are the values that guide me on my holistic health journey--as a doctor, and in life. They are the foundation for the milestones I set for myself and the decisions I make.

For me, it pretty much goes without saying that integrity is the most important value of all. (Note that it's my number one value, even ahead of the very topic that this website devoted to.)

But what do I mean by "integrity?"

Well, be honest, of course. But not just with others. Integrity starts with being honest with yourself!

Are you following through on the commitments you make to yourself?

Holistic Health
Since that's what this website is all about, it stands to reason that you would find it right near the top of my list of values. Vibrant health and well-being are all about finding wholeness from the inside out.

Caring for our environment
When I say "environment," I'm talking about a a couple of things:

We need to care for the air that we breathe, the water that sustains us and the Earth upon which we live. We are intricately and brilliantly intertwined with every aspect of the world around us--every species, every mineral, every breath of air and every ounce of water. When we take care of our environment, we take care of ourselves.

I am also talking about my, and your internal environment. At the deepest level within you, your thoughts and beliefs about health and healing are the foundation of your health. The more positive and self affirming your mindset, the more solid your foundation for building a life of vibrant health.

We can either continue to grow or begin to die. There is no in between. Throughout life, we have the capacity to grow and evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My most burning passion is living -- fully living -- from the inside out, and helping you to do the same. That's why I have devoted my life to it.

Does it make any sense not to devote your life to your passion?

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