Holistic Health and Nutrition:
Are You Getting Enough of
The Most Important Nutrient…?

One of the most important parts of a holistic health lifestyle is making sure we consume enough vital nutrients in the foods we eat.

You already know that. But do you have a clear understanding how you’re supposed to get everything you need in your diet?

If you don’t, don’t feel bad. No one else does, either. Including me.

A lot of people believe they know, and they claim they know, but they don’t. Sorry.



Trace elements…

Healthy fats…

Slow carbs...

Micro nutrients…

Macro nutrients…

Phyto nutrients...



All good stuff, but we have a lot more information than wisdom when it comes to nutrition.

First of all, as is the case with almost any holistic health issue, there are differing theories. For example, paleo people promote meat while vegans vilify it. Vegans chew soy; paleos eschew it. Beyond paleos and vegans, there is no shortage of other views.

Not only do theories differ; information changes over time.

Today, we read about vitamin D everywhere. And yeah, vitamin D is important. But seriously, do you think it’s still going to be the panacea du jour when your great grandkids are chuckling about that primitive proclivity called “blogging?” (“So 2012…!”)

“So, Dr. Mark, what’s your answer…?”

Simple: The main focus of a holistic health diet must be on The Most Important Nutrient.

And, that nutrient is…


You’ll find The Most Important Nutrient in the produce section and the meat department, but not in boxes, bags or cans (even if they’re labeled “organic” or “all natural”).

You’ll find more of The Most Important Nutrient in organic veggies and fruits than in pesticided, herbicided, factory farmed produce that has been hybridized for increased shelf life so it can still look pretty in Maine three weeks after it was shipped from Argentina. (Although produce shipped from a different hemisphere has more of The Most Important Nutrient than anything that you need a can opener to get to.)

Anything with a nutrition label will have less of The Most Important Nutrient than something that doesn’t even need a label. Example: something inside a plastic bag inside a box with a label listing a dozen organic ingredients vs. an orange.

The raw, whole milk I bought yesterday from a farm down the road is teeming with The Most Important Ingredient. Pasteurized, homogenized milk from the supermarket has little, if any. As for the organic milk you buy in the supermarket, most of that has been ultrapasteurized (killed).

And you know all those bottles of supplements in your supplement cabinet (including your “whole food” supplements)? Not much of The Most Important Nutrient there, either.

One last important point: I’m not trying to lay a set of rules on you.

This is a thought process that will serve you well. The key to nutrition in a holistic health lifestyle is getting enough life in your diet!

Is this the be all and end all of nutrition? Nope, but it’s a great place to start…

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