Holistic Health Is Only
Part of the Whole...

Nine Interesting Tidbits
that Will Help You Get to Know Me a Little Better

You know that my greatest passion is holistic health--mine and yours. I want to help you turn your health inside out!

You know my story: I have felt the grief and the crushing loss of self worth that come with losing a rewarding career because of my own poor health. For years, I fought crippling arthritis pain, along with the anger, fear and hopelessness that anyone who suffers from chronic disease knows all too well. When finally I decided to stop fighting and start thriving, I was able to transform my health and become a triathlete and marathon runner.

You know my values.

Now, here are a few more interesting tidbits:

1. My wife is Cricket Windsong. Cricket is my partner in all things, my best friend, my closest confidant, and my wisest and most valued advisor. (I love you, Cricket!)

2. We live back in the woods near the beautiful town of Sandpoint, Idaho (way up in the panhandle). The water is pure, the air is clear and the scenery is stunning. It's an ideal place for living a holistic health lifestyle. We LOVE it here!

3. Cricket and I both enjoy the great outdoors: hiking, paddling, snowboarding (Cricket is one of those people who uses two long, skinny snowboards, one for each foot.)

4. I have a grown son named Matt. He is a law enforcement professional. Matt and his wife, Hailey are a couple of the coolest people I know and I enjoy hanging out with them.

5. Cricket and I have two cats named Kitty Aiki.

6. I enjoy nature photography. I still even use film sometimes.

7. As doctor chiropractic, I not only adjust humans, but animals as well. I have adjusted dogs, cats, horses, birds, camels...even a python and a golden eagle!

8. I have had people ask if I have ever adjusted any celebrities. Yes, but I can't say who. (I have a secret but I can't tell you...)

9. My favorite place to visit outside the U.S. is Australia. Cricket and I have been there several times and can't wait to go back!

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