Martial Artists:

"Soothe Your Stressed-Out Spine"

Avoid the Three Common Dangers
Martial Artists Face that Cause Them to Struggle with Nagging Back and Neck Pain...

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Date: Tuesday, July 29

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: Somewhere in the greater Coeur d'Alene area

Venue: TBA

Martial artists: You’re about to discover how to soothe your stressed out spine.


My name is Dr. Mark William Cochran and I’m glad that you found me here.

Look directly below the video and you’ll see that there’s a place to register for my upcoming workshop called:

“Soothe Your Stressed-out Spine!”

At this event, I’m going to take you through the three common dangers that martial artists and other athletes face that cause them to struggle with chronic neck and back pain.  More importantly, I’ll show you how to avoid these dangers so that you can start to feel a lot better and perform better in the martial art that you love.

I've been a doctor of chiropractic for more than 12 years and I have practiced several different martial arts over the years here in the U.S. and in Japan, and I have observed and personally experienced how frustrating it can be when you’re health conscious and physically fit – when you’re engaging in a healthy activity like the martial arts, but you still feel limited by nagging back and neck pain.

So at this event, I’m going to teach you the easiest, most cost effective ways to soothe that stressed-out spine of yours.

First, I’m going to reveal how you may be falling into the common “Nutrition Traps” that TOO many athletes slide into that can lead to spinal stress and other health challenges, and I’ll show you the surprisingly simple secret to avoiding those traps and vastly improve your nutrition, and along with it, your fitness, your focus and your energy level.

Then I’ll walk you through the science and the art of “Stress Integration,” which goes a lot deeper than merely relieving and managing stress, and shows you how you can channel almost any of life’s stresses into actually improving your health and well-being.

I’ll also share some simple exercises – that you can do on your own – that will help you keep your spine in line, to reduce or even eliminate your back and neck pain, and help keep you functioning at your optimum potential.

And finally, I’ll take you through the one process that is fundamental to being successful in the martial arts or any other athletic endeavor, and that’s how to train and care for your all-important "Inner Athlete." If you don’t pay enough attention to your Inner Athlete, you will continue to struggle unnecessarily with spinal stress and less than optimal performance.

So now all you need to do is look right below the video and sign up for the workshop.

I look forward to seeing you there so I can share those “Three Common Dangers that Martial Artists face that Cause Them to Struggle with Nagging Back and Neck Pain,” but more importantly, so I can help you avoid those dangers before they start causing you problems.

So get ready for an evening full of practical strategies you can use right away to start soothing your stressed out spine!

Be sure to register now for the workshop.

I look forward to seeing you there! And until then…

Be vibrant!