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Holistic Health Expert
Award Winning Author of
Oby's Wisdom!
A Caveman's Simple Guide to Holistic Health and Wellness

"You were fun and informative.
I love the caveman concept and thought you developed it well.
We'd certainly love to have you back!"

~Steve Seidenfeld, KOA-AM, Denver

"We don't have a healthcare system. We have a disease industry!"
~Dr. Mark William Cochran

Dr. Mark William Cochran speaks from experience. He overcame years of chronic arthritis pain to become a triathlete and marathon runner. On his healing journey, Dr. Mark personally experienced the confusion, frustration and hopelessness that are all-too-common side effects of our complex, ineffective healthcare system.

His transforming revelation: The solutions are simple!

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View my TED Talk:
"Change Your Story, Change Your Health."
TEDx Spokane, March 2013
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Story Ideas

From Arthritic to Marathoner: How this Holistic Health Doctor Transformed His Health (And How You Can, Too)

Let's Build a Culture of Wellness...
...to replace today's culture of illness!

Is It Possible to Be Too Health Conscious?: Why This Author Feels that the Obsession with Health is Actually Making Many People Less Healthy

From Band-aids to Vitamins: Five Health Mistakes that Good Parents Make, and What to Do Instead

Want a Healthy Life?: Start Acting Like a Caveman!

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Oby's Wisdom! A Caveman's Simple Guide to Holistic Health and Wellness
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